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                        NEVER AGAIN

                          18 USC ?nbsp;2441  

                        War Crimes Act of 1996

                        Expanded WCA of 1997

                        File Archive
                        Articles by Charles Gittings
                        PEGC Update
                        PEGC Blog

                        KIYEMBA v. OBAMA  
                        S. Ct. No. 08-1234  

                        NEWS & COMMENT
                        Sabin Willett :  My Worst Moment As a Lawyer
                        Scott Horton :  When Lawyers Are War Criminals
                        John Richardson :  Acts of Conscience
                        HRW :  No Blood, No Foul - Detainee Abuse in Iraq
                        Jane Mayer :  The Hidden Power
                        Garth Cartledge :  White Rose Redux
                        Jordan Paust :  War on the Constitution
                        Scott Horton :  Report to German Prosecutor
                        Jordan Paust :  The Common Plan to Violate Geneva
                        Tim Golden :  The PMO & Bush Detainee Policy
                        Randall Hamud :  Good Kills?

                        LAW ARTICLES
                        PEGC AMICUS BRIEF IN KIYEMBA v. OBAMA ( 2009.12.11 )
                        The Consequences of Unlawful Preemption ( Van Aggelen )
                        How US Marginalization of IHRL Led to Torture ( Mayerfeld )
                        History Refutes Unlimited Presidential Power ( Fisher )
                        Forgetting the History of Water Torture in US Courts ( Wallach )
                        Mr. Justice Rutledge ( John Paul Stevens,  1956 )
                        Executive Plans to Violate Int'l Law re Detainees ( Paust )
                        Nexus Between Denial of GPW & Abu Ghraib ( Wallach )
                        The Unitary Executive and the Bush Presidency  ( Kelley )
                        Status of Guantanamo Bay & Detainees  ( de Zayas )
                        Afghanistan, Quirin, and Uchiyama  ( Wallach )
                        Judicial Power to Determine Status & Rights  ( Paust )
                        I H L Challenges from the "War on Terror"  ( Rona )
                        Post World War II War Crimes Trials  ( Wallach )
                        Unlawful Command Influence  ( US Army )

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